Using React Native Reanimated for seamless UI transitions LogRocket Blog

Using React Native Reanimated for seamless UI transitions LogRocket Blog

We were able to nest React.createElement calls because it’s all JavaScript. Unlike document.createElement, React’s createElement accepts a dynamic number of arguments after the second one to represent the children of the created element. All components small or big are reusable, even across different projects. React is designed around the concept of reusable components. You define small components and you put them together to form bigger components.

react native concepts

Make it as fun as possible, and your application might go viral. You can get started with static sample data, where the coupon list along with the discount rates, expiry date/time, coupon provider are hardcoded react native concepts in the React Native code . After you finalize your design components and UI, you can contact different sales websites to integrate their coupons and cards into your database thus feeding it to your front end.

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This is a massive advantage for any JavaScript developer who wants to write the mobile application he has always dreamed about. Implementing a “Friends Around Me” app can be another great way for complete beginners to get started with React Native. At August Tech, we bring you everything to need to make your mobile app development as easy, painless, and profitable as possible. React Native is a JavaScript Framework which is used to develop mobile applications for iOS and Android. So this code is defining HelloWorldApp, a new Component. When you’re building a React Native app, you’ll be making new components a lot.

Learn about the credentials, terms and conditions required to show the data from other websites into your app. Handling basic user actions, such as button clicks, swipe gestures, force touch, etc. Handling core user actions, such as button clicks, swipes, etc. Understanding the core of user interface design and user experience.

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If you want, this page has a good overview of ES2015 features. LogRocket also helps you increase conversion rates and product usage by showing you exactly how users are interacting with your app. LogRocket’s product analytics features surface the reasons why users don’t complete a particular flow or don’t adopt a new feature. To create a shared transition animation between screens, simply assign the same sharedTransitionTag to both components. When you navigate between screens, the shared transition animation will automatically play. Now that we have explored some of the new concepts introduced in React Native Reanimated v2, we will now use them to create animations in our application with these new concepts.

  • Don’t forget to also browse Mobile Templates, UI8, Dribbble, and Behance for more mobile design inspiration.
  • Do not call Hooks inside loops, conditions, or nested functions.
  • They can enable the event creator to add the required members into a particular event and provide a chat interface to discuss the event.
  • This makes the performance far better when compared to manipulating the real DOM directly.
  • Hooks should always be used at the top level of the React functions.
  • This is the reason why we used this.props.label inside the JSX in the rendered output above.

Their hunger, which we expect to change over time , is stored as state. To feed the cats, press their buttons—which will update their state. Image has many different props, including style, which accepts a JS object of design and layout related property-value pairs. In a React component, the props are the variables that we pass from a parent component to a child component. Similarly, the state are also variables, with the difference that they are not passed as parameters, but rather that the component initializes and manages them internally. The other new thing going on here is the View component.

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In Reanimated, Shared Values are primitive values that are written on the JavaScript side but are used to drive animations on the UI thread. Before we continue, I’m assuming you already have a knowledge of React Native and how it works. Also, React Native Reanimated v3 only supports React Native v0.64 or newer, so ensure you update or download the latest version of React Native to work with this tutorial. In the end, none of these things are applicable if you don’t know JavaScript.

react native concepts

You’ll learn to create simple flow with a clean and modern UI design for the app, along with its components and logic. At Instamobile, we’ve built our own open-source food app template, to let our users learn React Native for free. The idea of implementing a Deals app in React native can seem a little complex at first, for total beginners.

How Component Types Function

So, when data changes in the DOM tree, we want to React to re-render only those components that were affected by the change, skipping the other components in the tree that were not affected. React allows us to pass information to components using things called props . Because React comprises several components, props make it possible to share the same data across the components that need them.

react native concepts

If either the state object or the passed-in props are changed, React has an important decision to do. This is why it invokes another important lifecycle method here, shouldComponentUpdate. This method is an actual question, so if you need to customize or optimize the render process on your own, you have to answer that question by returning either true or false. In either case, the mounted element might receive a different set of props. React magic happens here and we actually start needing React at this point!

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Until now, we discussed only static components with static data passed down the components tree. Often, it’s needed to create a stateful component where the state is changing over time. However, React could end up re-rendering all components in the DOM tree, even though not all are affected. This will result in longer loading time, wasted time, and even wasted CPU resources. So, this is where we will focus our optimization effort. During the initial rendering process, React builds a DOM tree of components.

react native concepts

Right before the latter happens, React invokes another lifecycle method, componentWillUnmount. JavaScript variables are also expressions, so when the component receives a list of props (the RandomValue component didn’t, props are optional), you can use these props inside curly braces. The React.createElement function accepted multiple arguments after the first two. Its list of arguments starting from the 3rd one comprises the list of children for the created element.

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For example, inside a render call of another component, or with ReactDOM.render. All React elements attributes are named using camelCase, rather than lowercase. Any JavaScript expression can go inside those curly braces. This is equivalent to the $ interpolation syntax in JavaScript template literals. Yet, what we took to the browser is the compiled version of it . To make that happen, we need to use a pre-processor to convert the JSX version into the React.createElement version.

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