Climate Pastoral Care Conference 2020 Recordings

On the 30th of July – 1st August 2020, 200 people gathered online from around Australia and NZ to hear from experts on climate anxiety and climate pastoral care, climate communication and church climate action.

Check out these recordings to catch up on what you missed or learn more about these increasingly important areas of thought and practice.

Climate Anxiety, Psychology and Pastoral Care


Stephen Robinson: Bushfires, Chaplaincy and Climate Change

Byron Smith:

Deadly Growth: Cancer, COVID-19 and Climate

Merle Conyer: Responding to children and young people who are experiencing anxiety about our warming world


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Brooke Prentis:

Hope and Grief in the face of climate inaction: Whiteness and

Sally Gillespie:

Holding Grief, Honouring Beauty, Healing our World: sustaining climate engagement

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Victoria Walker: Surviving Environmentalism

Krystyna Kidson:

20 minutes and 5 questions:Truly all you need to have a transformative, therapeutic, Spirit-centred, climate-related conversation.

Cassandra Sundaraja: Designing Interventions to Address Climate Change

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Byron Smith: Emotional barriers to climate action

Climate Communication


Rebecca Huntley:

Why is it so hard to talk about climate change?

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Belinda Noble: Tailoring Your Climate Messages

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Climate and Health

Tim Senior:

Climate Change Impacts on Health

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The Coal Face of Climate Change

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Connecting with Nature

Sarah van Erp: Communing with Nature through Sit-Spot Practice

Climate Conversation Resource Workshop

Ruth Wivell: Connecting with Creation

Faith in Action

Greg Rolles:

Loving our neighbour in a time of climate chaos

Leah D. Schade: ‘Green’ Preaching in the ‘Purple Zone’: Environmental Sermons
in the Red-Blue Divide”

Climate Action

Young people leading action in church and community

Interview: School Strike 4 Climate (Isaac) and Christian Students Uniting (Erin, Nico, Raul)


Sue Hassler-Dempsey: Sustainable Schools

Action by Aboriginal Peoples

Brooke Prentis:

250 years of advocacy for Creation and Climate Justice: Learnings from Aboriginal peoples

Church Action Stories

Adamstown Uniting Church
Leichardt Uniting Church
Canberra City Uniting Church
Normanhurst Uniting Church
Campbelltown Uniting Church
St Margaret’s Uniting and Holy Cross Anglican Church Hackett

Individual Action Story

Vivian from Bega

Next Steps after the conference

Extras from 2019

Peter Powell

Vicarious Trauma and Climate Change

Wendy Coombe

Animal Therapy introduction

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