Congregation/Individual Emissions

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Congregational Emissions Reduction and other care for God’s Creation: 

–  Conduct an energy audit of your church building
–  Swap your paper pew sheet for an electronic newsletter
–  Switch to energy efficient lighting and LEDs
– Switch to Green Power with your energy provider
– Install solar panels
– Install insulation, double glazing or window film
–  Regenerate bushland near your church
– Start a community garden

For more ideas, stories of what other churches have done, and to apply for awards, visit:

Hear more about what churches have done

Watch Uniting Earth Advocate, Jessica Morthorpe, talk about what Australian churches are doing for the environment.

Individual actions to reduce your carbon emissions and lighten your footprint on Earth.

Start by calculating your carbon footprint with a calculator.

Pick an action in the areas of energy, transport, and diet.

Eg. air-drying your clothes, catching public transport to work or reducing your food waste.

Then visit the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC) website to make a pledge about how you are going to reduce your emissions.