Student Strikes

September 20 in retrospect

This September, Uniting Church members and Uniting staff rallied in response to the Synod’s resolution to support urgent climate action, and especially young people in their call for inter generational justice.

The Uniting Church NSW.ACT was the first major institution to endorse the strike.  See why here.

“Does anybody care?” Konross Wolaroi students on climate change


MLC student responds to climate inaction

Knox students commit to climate action


Pymble students lament the loss of the beautiful places

Hundreds of church members gathered for worship at Pitt St in Sydney, before joining about 80 Uniting staff in the march down to the public rally of 50,000.  Members and staff in other locations around the state also joined in, including in Coffs Harbour, where Rev. Dr Jason John, one of our climate activists, addressed the crowd.

The next major rally in Australia is expected to be held early in the 2020.  In the mean-time, a task group is being established to oversee Uniting’s increase from 25% emissions reductions, to 50% reductions by 2030, and to set and monitor targets for the wider church as well. 

All interested members of the church are invited to attend a December 10 planning meeting top discuss parameters for this task group, and a range of smaller sub-groups which will address other aspects of environmental activism within the church.