Season of Creation

God is good to all.

 Liturgies and videos for 2020 will appear here in due time, but for now you can access our 2019 resources here, and resources for most earlier years are available here.  2017 is somewhere else again!

Season of Creation?

Each September, churches across the world join together in the liturgical Season of Creation, as we celebrate God’s good Earth and take action to protect her.

Climate Emergency Summit 2020

If you missed the National Climate Emergency Summit at the Melbourne Town Hall in February you’re in luck- you can still watch the plenaries and listen to the workshops for free! Check the program to see what might most appeal.  Jamie Thom, from Brunswick Uniting...

Peoples Climate Assembly

The People’s Climate Assembly presented a united front to our Government as it sat for the first time in 2020, calling for action to address the climate emergency.  The people of Australia will no longer accept complacency and denial of the truth. On the first sitting...

Fossil Fuel Divestment

(banner background by Lachlan on Unsplash) In April 2013, a decision was passed by consensus by the Uniting Church Synod of NSW and the ACT in April 2013 to divest from fossil fuels and invest in renewable energy.  Resolution text: That the Synod: (i) note        ...

No land sale for coal expansion

Having already divested from the fossil fuel industry, in  2019 the church went further and refused to sell land which was being pursued to make way for a new coal fired power station in the Hunter. Read the story in the local media.  

Finding God in the Ashes

By Karen Paull Who amongst us has not been affected by the drought and fires? As we continue with our ‘normal’ lives, we are conscious of the deep suffering of others – including our land and it’s unique and precious creatures. Reminders are in the air we breathe, the...

Active Longing Reflection

This reflection was written by Jessica Morthorpe for Common Grace's Advent Series: We are Longing In a space of longing, we are invited into action. As we take up God’s invitation to act, we see the Kingdom of God draw near. Daily Reading John 1:1-5 In the beginning...

Uniting’s Emission Reductions

All organisations have a responsibility to use naturalresources wisely, reduce waste and protect the environment. Uniting is working with the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage to roll out solar energy, reduce food waste and solve tricky challenges like how to...

Five-leaf Church garden blog

The five-leaf eco awards program assists, inspires and rewards faith communities for taking environmental action and becoming more sustainable in response to God’s call to care for creation.  We are in the process of porting many of our stories of such action to this...

Starting your own faith community- what I learned from ecofaith

If you’re part of the church, but feel a growing discontentment at the way things are done most Sundays, why not create a community which better reflects the insights about God which you think are important, in a way which helps embed those insights into your daily living?

Worship Resources

We have produced resources for your Sunday Church Services throughout September.

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Church-goers from Faithsville Uniting speak up for God’s good earth during Season of Creation 2018.

Photos from last year’s Season of Creation events in Uniting Churches throughout Australia.