Information about, and resources for, our new task groups

Our new task groups

The NSW/ACT Synod Climate Action Strategy will reduce carbon emissions across all councils and agencies of the Church and advocate to Federal, State and local governments to take decisive steps to reduce our emissions nationally. 

Synod also committed to, “support initiatives taken by young people in advocating for action on climate change, including the global climate strikes.”

Five task groups have been established to advance this work

All meetings can be attended in person or via Zoom (online).

Advocacy including Cities Power Partnerships

Mass Actions including School Strikes and networking

Synod Agency, Board, School emission reduction

Congregations’ and Members’ emissions reduction

Climate Anxiety and Pastoral Care


Advocacy including Cities Power Partnership

This task group will pursue advocacy opportunities for the church, initially focussing on empowering congregations to lobby their local councils to commence or strengthen their committment to the Cities Power Partnership Program.

Mass Actions including School Strikes, and networking

The NSW.ACT Synod is comitted to supporting your people’s climate action, including the School Strikes.  This task group focuses on mobilising the church to attend mass actions, and buildin gnetworks with other organisations of good will.

Synod Emission Reduction (Uniting, Agencies, Schools)

A special task group made up of leaders within the various agencies and boards of the Synod oversees the emissions of all of the institutional expressions of the church, and will report regulary to the wider church on progress.

Congregation and Member Emissions Reduction

This task group helps congregations and their members reduce emissions and engage in other work to reduce their impact on the rest of God’s Creation.

Addressing Climate Anxiety and resourcing Pastoral Care

“With more knowledge comes more sorrow.”  Those who open themselves to the truth of climate change confront a range of difficult emotions.  The recent bushfires have increased this for many.  This task group resources the church to tackle “climate anxiety” and offer care to its members and others in the community.