Accounting for Real Estate Brokers and Agents

Accounting for Real Estate Brokers and Agents

bookkeeping for real estate agents

Your money, investments, and cash flow are all vitally important. Less Accounting can help ensure your money goes where construction bookkeeping and when it’s needed. Take the hassle out of juggling receipts, remembering rules, or stressing about account balances.

The dashboard also allows the user to add customers, vendors, and invoices quickly. Wave brings significant automations to make accounting easier. Wave can automate estimates, invoicing, expense tracking, and bank downloads.

Why Outsource Your Bookkeeping Process?

Real estate accounting software tracks income and expenses from real estate transactions. This includes commission management, contract management, and financial reporting to brokerages, realtors, real estate investors, property managers, and other real estate professionals. NetSuite offers an advanced accounting software solution for large real estate businesses. Real estate accounting software is designed with real estate professionals in mind.

Should you use QuickBooks for real estate?

Consistently tracking your finances with QuickBooks is a great way to create a predictable, sustainable real estate business. You can easily use the numbers to help you set realistic goals each year. These goals will also serve as a guide to creating quarterly milestones.

You can access and customize your reports in the “reports” tab of Quickbooks. For the Quickbooks Online version, you will find your profit and loss statement is titled “Statement of Activity”. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you have a $300,000 business. Typically, a bank account and credit card will be all you need. Buyer COS – these are costs related to paying out buyer agent commissions. Professional Fees – tax professionals, accountants, and lawyers go here.

Investor Ready Document Services

Employees can access pay stubs and W2 forms by logging into Wave and can set up bank information, as well. Because it’s easy to set up and use, Xero doesn’t require accounting skills. The dashboard can be customized to suit individual preferences and needs. Automations, automatic bank feeds, and simple reconciliation processes add to the ease of use. Specific accounts can be added to an Account Watchlist for close monitoring.

bookkeeping for real estate agents

Under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles , these types of expenses must be categorized differently from your ordinary expenses. You can go and create subcategories for these if you would like. For example, you might have “new construction” income, relocation income, and resale income. Few agents create enough revenue and income in these categories to separate them. When you first get started, Quickbooks will give you a large list of accounts.

Revenue Accounts

The benefit of using classes, especially if you have multiple businesses within one business, is that you can create reports that are filtered by class. For example, you can use classes to make a Profit and Loss report that filters out all your real estate sales so you can focus just on the data for your rental properties. Payroll – These are expenses for any kind of real estate agent salary that you might have. I have subsections for payroll taxes, payroll processing, and other related expenses. We’ll relieve you of all that work and worry with services that range from real-time bookkeeping to timely financial reports to preparing your tax return. Unfortunately for many, the wrong way is easy, and the right way takes years of experience and training.

bookkeeping for real estate agents

They work remotely from our office but are fully dedicated to serving your business needs. You’ll have more control over your finances when you hire us, plus you will understand what you should be doing when working with your funds. Having support with bookkeeping software is essential to protecting your business. Your software program will organize your data and make it easier for you to track your work. You won’t worry about losing your records or bearing with lots of documents that might otherwise be complex and rough to review. Bookkeeping also includes keeping records of all the things that might appear.


Plus, CORE Back Office facilitates direct deposit to pay agents in a timely fashion. In addition, the integrated document management functionality allows agents to quickly send contracts back and forth from the firm to clients with easy online signatures to close the deal quicker. The software retains documents and client history in one single database so records are never lost or hard to find. When it’s time to get your books in order for the end of the year, Lone Wolf Back Office provides you comfort with making sure your numbers are in order and avoiding audits during tax season. An agency that needs to manage agents, transactions, and vendors along with accounting will appreciate the real estate focus of this accounting software option. Lone Wolf Back Office is designed for large real estate firms but can also be a software that works well for a smaller brokerage.

Finance Pal does all our accounting and bookkeeping services from managing our Xero accounting software account to reconciling bank statements to doing our tax returns. Nothing creates a financial mess at the end of the year quite like personal or business expenses charged to the wrong account. By keeping your realtor business and personal accounts separate, your bookkeeping will go much more smoothly and you’ll be able to keep your business’ professional image in tact.

Managing Your Income and Expenses

By law, it is required that businesses keep up-to-date and standardized records of all money going in and out of their company. Online bookkeeping keeps a more accurate track of daily expenses so that you have one less thing to worry about – similarly to the way a virtual assistant would be helpful. Some functions, such as credit card processing and ACH payments incur a small fee per transaction, but many real estate agents won’t need these features. Real estate agents and brokers alike will appreciate that Xero is not only simple and easy for the agent or agency to use but is robust enough to meet the needs of accountants. In addition, Xero allows more than 700 integrations, making it a flexible and scalable option. While Quickbooks for real estate agents has a bit of a learning curve at the beginning, it will completely change the way you look at your expenses and your business.

bookkeeping for real estate agents

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