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The Uniting Earth Advocates’ role is to build the capacity of the Uniting Church in all its forms in NSW.ACT to…

…act as advocates and prophetic voices on environmental issues

…address the questions of faithful environmental discipleship

…proclaim the gospel in ways that are relevant to our current environmental context

Jason John and Jessica Morthorpe are the Uniting Earth Advocates as part of Uniting’s advocacy team.  Our hope is that the church will increasingly know ourselves to be part of God’s mission of the reconciliation and renewal of the whole creation over which God in Christ has reasserted claim (Basis of Union, paragraph 3), and motivate and equipped to “Confess the Lord in Fresh words and deeds” as this new situation demands (Basis of Union, paragraph 11).

Jessica Morthorpe

Jessica Morthorpe

Uniting Earth Advocate 0.5

With qualifications in environmental science, marketing and theology, Jessica is passionate about advocating for the reconciliation and renewal of all creation.

She is also the founder and director of the Five Leaf Eco-Awards, an ecumenical environmental change program for churches and religious organisations. Jessica has previously worked with: Micah Challenge, Fairtrade Labelling Australia and New Zealand, and in multiple roles within the Uniting Church in Australia.

She has also attended multiple national and international training programs and conferences, including the Green Steps Environmental Change Leadership Program (2006), Asia Pacific Youth Camp on Climate Change (2008), Youth for Eco Justice (2011) and the Emerging Leaders’ Multi-Faith Climate Convergence (2015).

These programs have helped to convince her that we can achieve truly amazing things when we work together. When not working Jessica is mad keen reader, with a particular enthusiasm for eco-theology, YA and Historical Fiction.

Mobile: 0409 503 369 | E-mail: [email protected]

Rev Dr Jason John

Rev Dr Jason John

Uniting Earth Advocate 0.5

Jason completed an honours in zoology before converting to Christianity, and studying for ordination.  After his first placement as a University chaplain, he completed a PhD and wrote some books on the implications of evolution, ecology and environmentalism for the Christian story, especially in rescuing us from our human-centred theology.

Throughout his twenty years of ministry he has helped the church explore the implications of our faith in a Creator for our relationship with the rest of Creation, and in encouraging all people to live as better members of the Earth family.

This included working as an environment officer in the University of Queensland Student Union, starting the Adelaide and Bellingen eco-faith communities, working on the team at Uniting Mission and Education, and now as a half-time member of the Uniting Advocacy Team, where his focus has swung more specifically to engaging Uniting and the wider church in emissions reductions and public climate advocacy.

Recently Jason found a cathartic outlet for the often-arduous path of environmental engagement in slam poetry, winning the 2019 Bellingen poetry slam and placing 3rd at the Australian Poetry Slam national final at the Opera House in 2019.

He lives in the forest with his family, and many other members of the Earth family, trying to be a good neighbour to most of them.

Mobile: 0438 60 90 97 | E-mail: [email protected]