16 Best Crypto Trading Bots for Automated Trading

16 Best Crypto Trading Bots for Automated Trading

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However, this also results in a sometimes overly complex platform that can be quite daunting, even for experienced traders. 3Commas automatic trading bots are, by far, the pivotal feature of this platform. They consist of three different types of bots including DCA bots (dollar-cost average), a trading grid bot, and an options trading bot.

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The for these signals can range from free to a few hundred dollars each month. Both the price point and technical requirements for signals can make them problematic for novice crypto traders. Signals are notifications provided by a trader to tell your bot which asset to buy and when the trade should be made. These signals can be manual or based on a number of custom indicators.

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So if you wanted to manually add a big amount of funds at a lower price level like there the support or key levels are . Now imagine you have many big bots, and you run out of funds from a crazy correction, the bots have stopped filling very early because you overextended. You are totally in trouble as you have plenty of stuck bots and could be getting deeper in the red.

  • In a nutshell, 3Commas trading bots save enormous amounts of time by allowing you to place hundreds of trades, which would be manually impossible.
  • Our goal is to provide investors with an easy-to use tool that allows them to become better investors.
  • You can also set a minimum trade volume or remove insignificant quotes.
  • All these features make Altrady an ideal choice for those looking for a reliable alternative to 3commas for their cryptocurrency trading needs.
  • For more advanced users, we are able to send signals via API .

Set up a DCA bot to take advantage of bear or bull markets. As the market goes up or down, a DCA bot can make profits by buying at specific prices and then selling the bumps. Track multiple portfolios and seamlessly manage trading activities for all accounts in one place.

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Realistically, this is the only plan that a serious trader would consider, as all the other ones might hinder your trading options considerably. Free (0$/mo) which includes the portfolio manager, one bot of each type, unlimited scalper terminal and a single active Smart Trade. Remember, the perfect settings for 3commas for your needs will always depend on your trading skillset and understanding of the platform’s mechanics. This signal will control your bot and open and close trades on your behalf. Before you activate it, make sure you thoroughly read about how this particular signal works and its intended use.


The starter level is to get your feet wet until you want to get more serious and take trading to the next level. Allows traders to recreate virtually any trading strategy with bot automation. CoinStats can give you the bigger picture of your holdings to make better trading decisions. It is an all-in-one secure and user-friendly portfolio management for all your crypto needs. To solve this issue, CoinStats is an easy-to-use platform where users can connect everything to the platform as well as manage all their holdings, transactions, and trades from one place. Many crypto-involved businesses have been spawning as the industry continues exploring.


https://www.beaxy.com/hopper has some unique features such as back testing which allows you to see how you would have performed using historical data. Another neat feature is called CryptoTweeter which posts updates to your social media directly from your XRP Cryptohopper account to keep your followers informed. TradeSanta pricingPricing for TradeSanta varies depending on how much access you need to the platform. The basic level gives you up to 49 bots, advanced gives you up to 99 bots, and maximum gives you an unlimited amount.

In a nutshell, 3Commas trading bots save enormous amounts of time by allowing you to place hundreds of trades, which would be manually impossible. Additionally, because trades follow a predetermined strategy, the 3Commas bot profitability is more consistent than manual trading. This is because the 3Commas automated trading bot removes FUD and FOMO out of the equation, two major factors in many traders’ downfalls. To continue this 3Commas review, let’s go over its main features and explain in detail what are 3Commas bots. The 3Commas platform is a powerful tool for managing cryptocurrency trades across many different exchanges from one simple-to-use interface. It allows traders to create or copy bots which can execute a trading strategy on your behalf at any time day or night.


TokenBot is a software company that has created software to share trading history from public APIs. Coinruleis an automated Binance trading platform that allows you to trade for Coinbase Pro and other crypto exchanges apart from Binance. It is one of the best crypto trading bots for Binance and also GALA offers 150+ trading strategy templates. It allows crypt traders to compete with professional algorithmic traders and hedge funds.

Take Profit order is a crypto trading strategy for the short term that will help you to optimize your profits. LCX Terminal cryptocurrency trading software is made for everyday traders as well as professional and institutional investors. The LCX Terminal connects with major exchanges and combines it into a single trading desk. This makes it possible to interface with multiple liquidity pools to minimize spread and slippage. It serves as a professional portfolio management system where watchlists and trading views can be customized, and positions and assets across exchanges can be checked and accessed in real-time.

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This is because the file is currently an unsigned download. Unfortunately, this project has not reached that point yet. You can search through the code for anything you want to find, it’s all available to you. Many people have used this, ran it through virus scanners and the works.

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When compared to other 3commas portfolio manager portfolio trackers in the market, CoinStats is the only one that is supporting the most number of different crypto accounts with its user-friendly interface. The crypto portfolio management platform also supports you to share one or more of your portfolios with your friends and it will appear in their Coin Stats app. Launched in 2017, the crypto management platform is designed as a simple user-friendly crypto tracker. CoinStats offers its user the ability to track Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and over 3,000 altcoins prices from over 100 exchanges. While there are dozens of bot platforms out there, Cryptohopper stands out as the most logical 3commas alternative. Both platforms provide similar features where users can either personalize their bot or purchase signals on a marketplace.

We make it easy for followers to invest in bots created by the platform with just a few clicks on their mobile app. We offer advanced tools for bot creation in private trade and the opportunity to share in the revenue generated by their followers. Trality’s state-of-the art Python Code Editor and easy-to-use drag and drop Rule Builder allow anyone to enjoy data-driven, emotionless bot trading. Trality is an online platform that allows anyone to make a living from algorithmic trading, without having to give up their day job.

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